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Erotic massage with herbal bags "Punch" Every year, for you we change and improve our massages. Only in our salon you can try massage Erotic massage with herbal bags. It has long been known therapeutic and restorative properties of herbs. Different varieties of herbs have their own destiny. We have selected and created the optimum composition, which will help to cheer up and stay warm in the winter, overcome depression, improve mood, add the positive in your life, because sometimes it is so lacking in the gray everyday life. In addition to all others, above, grass qualities have also aroma-therapeutic properties. It is also important to note that all the herbs have medicinal properties, only if they are properly collected and dried. Therefore, beginners as well as people who are not very strong in herbal medicine, it is best to carefully study the information, well, or surrender into the hands of a professional. It is worth noting some of the herbs which are a part of our punches (puanson- herbal pouch which master masseur makes massage). That part of the punch, be sure to read and determine whether you fit this type of massage, as some people have allergic reactions to one or the other herb. Melissa drug - a perennial herb with fragrant herbs, especially when it rubbed in their hands, in height from 20 to 80 cm Melissa is now cultivated as a medicinal plant, but sometimes it runs wild, and it can be found in many different places.. Blooms all summer balm white-pink or white flowers. Grass balm before flowering has a pleasant lemon scent and flavor, but during flowering and after flowering,


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