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Erotic massage-it is an erotica, massage and pleasure!

This massage uses soft oriental massage technique with the study of all groups of muscles, this massage starts with the head and foot ends. In the massage uses point is applied to reflex zones Rights (torso, arms, legs, feet). Much attention is paid to the lumbar region, krestsovoy and vertebral zones. Used Massagers (crystal, wooden, with a jingle, eye) ...


In the Indian massage movements on individual parts of the body are carried out by branches of meridians (channels), which, according to Oriental philosophy, flowing life energy qi. For example, during a massage the inner (medial) side of the lower limb movements are produced from the bottom up, since the meridians of the kidneys, spleen - pancreas and liver have the upward direction, as during a massage the outer (lateral) side of the legs - a movement downward in the direction of the meridians are located here urinary bladder, gall bladder and stomach.


Massaging the inside of the upper limb, movement should be downward, because located here meridians of the heart, lung and pericardium have a direction from top to bottom, and massaging the outer side - a movement upward, since the meridians of the small intestine, colon, and three parts of the body are oriented in this direction. Observing these movements, oriental massage specialists adhere to the same concepts as the application of acupuncture and acupressure.


In the Indian massage are used the following methods: stroking, rubbing, kneading, stretching. Stroking, rubbing and kneading are carried out with considerable pressure, which is achieved by harnessing the body mass massage techniques are performed on the back surface of a body lying on his stomach - at the back, arms, buttocks, thighs, legs and foot.


Individual elements of the eastern massage techniques similar to massage, common in African and South American nations.


Duration of massage: 90 minutes.

Cost of erotic massage: 650 UAH.


Enjoy your massage!


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