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Erotic massage with herbal bags "Punch"
Erotic massage-it is an erotica, massage and pleasure!

Who can understand a woman better than the woman herself? You a long time to understand and explain what do you want?, She will help you. She does not need words, just look in your eyes, and she understands everything. All your desires and fantasies become reality. You are immersed in a world of exquisite delights and pleasures. Her caring and gentle hands did not ignore either inch of your beautiful body. Relaxing massage movements smoothly pass to the exciting and kill you at the peak of bliss. It will do this time not forgotten and will wait for you again and again ... and you want to come again, because of this you never experienced!


Additional pleasure you can bring our aqua-massage! During the massage does not use vibrators, dildo and dr.prisposobleniya, our masseuse know every erogenous zone. They will be able to give unearthly pleasure using only techniques of erotic massage!


Duration of massage: 60 minutes.

Cost of erotic massage: 550 UAH.


Duration: 90 minutes.

Cost of erotic massage: 650 UAH.


Massage with aqua-massage:

Duration of massage: 60 minutes.

Cost of erotic massage: 650 UAH.


Duration of massage: 90 minutes.

Cost of erotic massage: 750 UAH.


Enjoy your massage!



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