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Massage, performed by the feet, on a pre-steaming the joints, as well as applied to athletes with well-developed musculature. It should warn that massage the feet must be executed with caution and only very strong people, because the possible consequences in terms of displacement of intervertebral discs.


 Futfetish belongs to the Eastern mind by weight carbon black - such a system of massage developed in the Minor and Central Asia, where applicable today. In the literature the question of oriental massage poorly lit, but the technique is obviously well-communicated for many years from generation to generation. Differences between Eastern massage from a European classic are as follows: - The massage is performed without the use of lubrication to better understand the impact on the integument of the body - techniques are performed not only with his hands, and feet - the direction of motion when performing tricks, not only from the periphery to the center, but in the opposite direction.


 Duration of massage: 60 minutes.

Cost of erotic massage: 550 UAH

Duration of massage: 90 minutes.

Cost of erotic massage: 650 UAH


Enjoy your massage!


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