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This type of massage can give a man an unforgettable .On may not be pleasant, or cause pain, since it is when man is capable of massaging the prostate pochuvstvyvat orgasm, a level that he had never before felt. There is no need to attribute this massage to some distortions, this is silly and nothing is not supported by the stereotypes! Prostate massage has been successfully applied in medicine, but we do not believe all patients urologist perverts, so we tell a little about this form of massage and will wait for you to visit a massage parlor Paradise;!


The purpose of prostate massage, to improve blood circulation in the gland and removal of the affected segments is delayed and decaying pathological secretion irritating parenchyma of the prostate. To massage the prostate gland can be initiated when the acute effects of prostatitis disappeared. Prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate gland, is the result of sexual abstinence, or infectious zabolevaniya.Massazh prostate is highly sensitive to mechanical impact nerve endings in the intermediate and glandular tissue, the prostate gland. Massage, as a rule, should be painless.


The pressure force is determined by texture massaging motions of the prostate: if the iron over the entire surface is soft, then the pressure is not significant, if dense, then the pressure on it can be more energetic. Particular attention is paid to the outer edges of the prostate gland. Massage is used in a day and not more than 0,5-1 min. Contraindications to massage are: acute prostatitis, odenoma, or stones, tuberculosis, cancer, fever, thrombosis, proctitis. Also, prostate massage is used to prevent impotence.


Massage can be a supplement to any kind of erotic or classic massage. Separately fails.


Cost: 100UAH.


Enjoy your massage!


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